History of Grinch-mas

Talia Dave, Staff Writer

The history of Christmas is special to so many of us, especially when told through heartfelt childhood memories. Although the Grinch is not the nicest of all creatures, the movies still are memorable. Here are the three Grinchiest movies, just in time for the holidays, whether you want an old tale or a new twist. They will sure leave you in a merrier mood.

The oldest Grinch movie comes from the 1960’s. A short twenty-six minute long film, the animated classic follows the original story of a mean Grinch who hates Christmas. On Christmas Eve, the old grouch and his trusty dog Max go down to the small town of Whoville and steals every inch of Christmas spirit dressed as Santa Claus. When he realizes that taking away presents and tangible items did not change the real meaning of Christmas, his once “three times too small” heart grows. Dr. Suess unravels the true meaning of the holidays with this one. It is not all about the gifts, but giving instead.

Thirty years after the original film, Jim Carrey brings the Grinch to life. This live adaptation of the movie shows the background of the Grinch and why he started to hate Christmas so much. Carrey’s Grinch hates each and every member of Whoville, but learns that maybe one little girl could show him what Christmas is about. Similar to the original, the Grinch dresses as Saint Nick and “steals” Christmas. But in the end, of course, there is nothing to be taken that will ruin the spirit of the season.

The newest release of the Grinch came this year on Nov. 9. Benedict Cumberbatch voices the Grinch in this animated film, with singer Pharrell Williams narrating the story. As always,  the grouchy grinch is extra unhappy around the holidays. The spirit, songs and joys of Christmas make him loathe the holiday even more. With a new companion and his old friend Max, the Grinch tries to ruin Christmas once and for all. Will he do it? Head to the theatres to find out.

The holidays bring people together, and it is always important to remember the spirit of the season. The season is right around the corner, so grab some popcorn, get cozy and enjoy the Grinch movies one by one.