TV Show: The Good Doctor’s New Season Two

Malvika Mahendhra, Editor-In-Chief

Season two of The Good Doctor returned to the television September 2018. The anticipated season returned after the jawbreaking revelation that mentor and esteemed neurosurgeon Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) was diagnosed with cancer. The season follows resident Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), who is autistic with Savant Syndrome, and his response. The season also touches on social injustices like male dominance in healthcare, marital problems and treatment for disabilities in children.

Episodes in The Good Doctor generally follow medical mystery plot line for each episode, while simultaneously addressing the problems that affect Dr. Murphy’s life. These plots include moral dilemmas where doctors try to respect their patient’s wishes, even though it might go against their own values. These moral crises are often centered around the doctors’ own personal stories and regrets. In episode four of season two, Dr. Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) struggles with rationalizing performing a risky surgery for a reckless adult. While she wants to support the decisions of her patients, she feels like she is at a roadblock because she feels she has a duty to protect her patients. Watch the episode to find out what decision Dr. Browne ends up making.

Season two of The Good Doctor also saw the goodbye of resident Dr. Jared Kalu (Chaku Modu). His emotional departure was featured in the second episode of season two, and the audience got to witness the heartbreaking farewell between Kalu and Browne. The pair had a rocky relationship that always broke the line from a platonic friendship and a romantic relationship. However, the two never made their relationship official because of Browne’s reluctance to become emotionally attached to anyone. Watch the episode to find out where Kalu ends up going and his last words to Dr. Claire Browne.

The new season focuses more on the experienced surgeons at hospital. Dr. Audrey Lim, trauma surgeon, has a spotlight on her this season, and the audience gets to be exposed to Lim breaking hospital rules to serve a greater justice. This is an especially pivotal moment in The Good Doctor because it moves away from being a medical drama to opening up a serious debate. Should doctors be able to work in accordance to their own ethics or should they strictly adhere to hospital guidelines? Watch episode two of season two to find out more.

The introduction of Dr. Morgan Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) in season one gave the impression of a cold and calculating doctor. However, with the progression of season two, the audience was exposed to a more sensitive side of Reznick. In episode six, Reznick’s medical choices cost a patient’s career, and the viewer gets to see the doctor show an emotional side. This is an interesting break from the facade of intelligence and perfection usually worn by Reznick on the show. Watch the rest of season two to see Dr. Morgan Reznick’s character grow and evolve.

The most interesting part of the new season, however, is how Dr. Murphy deals with Dr. Glassman’s brain cancer. Due to Murphy having autism, he has difficulty in expressing his feelings of sadness for Glassman’s condition. He frequently expresses his concern for Glassman through medical knowledge and he shows that he cares about Dr. Glassman not through offering words of comfort, but making sure Glassman is receiving the best medical care possible. Watch the rest of the season to see how Murphy’s comfort boundaries are pushed and explores the emotional rollercoaster that he will experience.

Alongside the audience understanding how Dr. Murphy is dealing with the aftermath of Dr. Glassman having brain cancer, the viewer also gets to see how Glassman is handling his tragic fate. Glassman routinely struggles throughout season two of trusting other doctors for medical care. Being the former president of the hospital, Glassman misses the excitement and thrill of performing cutting-edge surgeries and overseeing his patients. So much of season two deals with how Glassman handles being treated like a patient instead of an esteemed colleague. The audience also gets to know more about the past of Dr. Glassman, particularly his past family life in one heart-rending episode. Watch episode four of season two to find out more about his seldom talked about family and what happened to his daughter.

There are also new potential love interests on the show. The comeback of a character from season one into Dr. Murphy’s life will have the audience reeling if there will ever be a possible romance between the two. A love interest also exists in Dr. Glassman’s life, however, his diagnosis of cancer causes trouble in paradise. Watch season two of The Good Doctor to find out more on the possible new relationships on the horizon.

Other main characters like Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) and Dr. Marcus Anderson (Hill Harper), who were present in season one, still have a strong role in season two. Viewers can stream season two of The Good Doctor on the ABC shows website or tune in on Mondays at 10/9 central on ABC.