Bright Minds Playing a Role in the Future of Technology

Juliette Uncovsky, Staff Writer

Students are finally settled into the new school year. The stress and anxiety has kicked in, but extracurricular activities, clubs and football games never fail to excite students. The school is known to have something for every student, whether it is the football team, theatre or even the robotics club.

The robotics club has been revived at the school, after 12 years of inactivity. The club has around 35 members and is led by science teacher Stacy Samuels.

“I have taught physics for the last three years so it incorporates a lot of that in robotics,” Samuels said. “Seeing that I could apply some of my knowledge and help kids seems really exciting.”

The team will meet a couple of times a week, working on different tasks in order to achieve their goal, building a robot.

“Our meetings are going to look very dynamic,” Samuels said. “We have a big team that has shown up and it’s going to have a lot of different parts. It is organized chaos with different sub teams working toward one goal of building a successful robot that can compete.”

With multiple robotics competitions during the year, students are thrilled to begin the process of building a successful robot.

“I’m looking forward to the competitions the most during this year,” junior Alex Akomer said. “I want to see how well I can get the robot to function against the other ones.”

The club’s first competition will start on Nov. 30. A team of seven to eight representatives from the club will attend and compete using the robot they built.

“Our main competitions are in January,” Samuels said. “We build one robot and refine it all the way through and make it to be the most successful.”

Since this is the first time the club has come together in over a decade, there are many students who will not have experience. However, some students were in a robotics club at their junior high schools.

“I’ve worked with robotics in the past and with programming as well,” junior Pranay Dhondi said.

Not only will the students be building robots, but they will also be able to socialize with their team, something most students would look forward to.

“I really want to build a really nice robot and then try to compete this year,” Dhondi said. “The best part will be working with my friends after school and building things as a team.”

The club will be building their robot in a classroom especially dedicated to the robotics club, so the students will be able to work in a more professional environment. Anybody can join the club as it takes a good and dedicated team to build a successful robot.

“It’s a great opportunity,” Samuels said. “There’s a place for everybody in robotics, so even if you’ve never held a wrench or seen code before, there’s something that you can definitely help with. Having experience to see if you would like it could really provide someone an opportunity to move forward in a career they wouldn’t normally pick.”

Samuels is optimistic about the club and knows the students will gain a lot of experience and skills no matter what happens during the competitions.

“I told the students that the biggest measure of success is that they build a working robot and that they have fun,” Samuels said. “I’m not looking to go to worldwide competitions or be in first place every time. I expect them to build a robot, work together and have fun doing it.”