Preschoolers Paving the Way for Future Educators


Educators in the Early Learning Center march in the parade.

Juliette Uncovsky, Staff Writer

In the midst of a high school environment filled with tall students roaming the halls, taking hard classes and the stress of school in the air, there lies a special place at the heart of the school. The Early Learning Center is a preschool that serves to educate young children from the ages of three to five, while high school students who dream of being a teacher, are learning as well. These students are given an opportunity to gain insight into what it is like as a teacher, in the educational world.

The preschool is the start of it all for these little children, as they will soon begin their journey through many years of school. For the students, their future career as educators begin as they learn the customs and ways of being a teacher.

“I’ve always loved being around kids,” junior Sara Class said. “I want to become a teacher to be able to influence a lot of lives in a positive way.”

The class is two hours long, consisting of many responsibilities. During the week, four hours are spent in the classroom at the preschool and six hours are put towards the internship. This allows the students to go to other campuses, known as field sites and learn in the environment of an elementary school or middle school.

“Going to the field site is the best,” junior Olivia Horn said. “ Every student gets assigned a different school and it changes every nine weeks. That is where I usually get to teach a lesson.”

The typical day at the pre-school consists of small groups working on different activities. Three students are always working with the kids, while others are off at field sites and the rest of the students are working on making bulletin boards throughout the school.

“For the bulletin boards, we are assigned small groups,” Class said. “We have to divide and conquer the tasks in order to get it done on time.”

The task of learning to be a teacher may not be an easy one. The students face many challenges every day as they are  learning and growing on the path to their future.

“The standards we are held to are pretty high,” Class said. “We rarely ever have down time.”

Not only is it a real learning environment, but it is good experience for students to work together. Everybody in the class shares the same passion for learning and teaching students. With everyone having the same goal, everyone contributes equally making it the best experience for everybody.

“I really want to be a teacher,” Horn said. “Being in this class makes the learning fun and it’s a really good experience.”

Students are able to go to different campuses and teach their favorite subject to the little children that they love to be around. However a nine week time period is not enough to get comfortable and grow with a group of children.

“Right as I figure out how to interact with a certain group of kids, I get put in a different school,” Class said.

These little students are filled with excitement as they go to school and learn every day. They are growing and learning fast, and before they know it, they will be setting foot in a big high school. This small preschool situated at the heart of West is the gateway to their education, and the gateway to students who wish to pursue a career in the world of education.

“It is insane how fast the kids are learning,” Class said. “Knowing you are part of that is amazing.”