Fashion Week Rocks New York

The first fashion week of the year has come and gone, leaving us all caught up on the latest with some of the world’s top designers and supermodels. The New York fall and winter fashion week took place Feb. 9-17 full of shows hosted by designers such as Jeremy Scott, Marc Jacobs and several other high status brands. On Feb. 8, Tommy Hilfiger and GiGi Hadid released their spring collaboration line, acting as Hadid’s first independent collaboration with a designer. The line collected lots of buzz and press for the line and model being one of the only spring lines to be presented during the fall and winter themed month.

Right after New York’s fashion week, models and designers flew to London to kick off the second phase of the fashion filled month, taking place during Feb. 17-21. Designers such as Topshop and Venus Versace released their new lines where the younger Hadid sister, Bella, made an appearance. Other top designers and brands such as Gucci, Prada and Moschino withheld their collections until fashion week moved over to Milan starting Feb. 22-28. The shows all were labeled as the designers fall and winter 2017 line and acted as a small taste of what the theme of future lines will look like. The last fashion week to join the group took place in Paris Feb. 28 up until March 8 where the new Saint Laurent line made its long awaited appearance.

Aside from making appearances on the runway, models such as Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters and other social media icons lived up to the expectations of many fans who awaited to see the extravagant yet laid back outfits the models would step into the streets in. Well-known YouTubers such as Amanda Steele take the street fashion of fashion week just as serious as the couture lines that people wait months for. Many bodies swarmed the streets dressed to the nines eager to get to participate in the high status social gatherings such as after parties hosted by the famous designers.

During all of the glamor and glitz, Vogue was just in time to release their cover of the March issue of Vogue Magazine causing an uproar of controversy that spilled onto the runways and catwalks of 2017. This cover was supposed to be Vogue’s first cover including a new wave of fashion that would hold no stereotypes and defy the “norm” of the world of high fashion. The models on the cover would consist of models of all color, shapes and sizes. When the cover was  released, an overwhelmingly high number of people projected backlash. The cover consisted of one singular “plus-sized” model by the name of Ashley Graham, who was the only model on the cover to have an arm covering her stomach, one Asian model named Liu Wen and two other models of color, who all leaned together to face the two models who have seemed to make a frequent appearance of Vogues covers, Jenner and GiGi.

Many people expressed their opinions of the cover on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram claiming that this was the magazine’s opportunity to make a stand against the stereotypes that follow high fashion, but were left disappointed by the low effort attempt. The fact that Jenner and Hadid have made several appearances on Vogue covers also made fans upset by the lack of diversity. These controversies put a spotlight on the designers and the models cast for the shows during fashion week, but overall the month was deemed successful and left fashion followers eager for more.