13 More Reasons Why

Violet Krause, Staff Writer

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For those who had been fans of the best-selling young adult novel “13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher, the miniseries that hit Netflix, March 31 was an exciting chance to see some of the story’s memorable characters come to life.

The series has collected a noticeable amount of buzz from both those who are new to the story and fans who are no stranger to the tale.

The story’s plot is both a mystery and eulogy for high school junior Hannah Baker, a mysterious blonde in the novel who leaves behind a box of colorful tapes highlighting the reasons for her sudden departure. The show touches upon topics such as bullying and other serious topics that each character faces throughout their high school career. The novel was released in 2007 and hit the New York Times best-seller list in July 2011.

Baker is brought to life by aussie actress Katherine Langford who has participated in a few other productions previous to this. The novel was originally supposed to be adapted into a film and released by Universal Pictures with Selena Gomez playing the lead role of Hannah but Netflix later picked it up in 2015 and it evolved  into an original short series. Gomez stayed on as an executive producer for the series. The series turns the side of each tape into an episode ranging from 45-60 minutes, going through each flashback and story that  later fit together to answer why Baker left.

The story is told through the perspective of Clay Jensen, who receives the box of tapes on his doorstep one day. The audience joins in on his journey led by the tapes, finding out secrets about other characters that were assumed to be buried with Baker. Jensen touches on his history with her and their mutual romance that never got the chance to bloom. The audience is left to wonder why his name is on a list with everyone else when he did not seem to be as close with her as the other characters. The show tosses the audience into a whirlwind of drama, mystery, betrayal and the trials of high school that most audience members seem to feel that they can relate to.

Recently book sales seem to have increased noticeably, which is no surprise considering the non-stop buzz gathered on social media such as Twitter, Instagram and other online articles. The actors have taken to their own social media to try and promote the show as much as they can, Langford even took the jump and made her own personal Instagram once filming had begun. The cast of the series seem to have grown close according to the warm hearted Instagram posts seen on most of the casts social media accounts, such as all of them seeing Dylan Minnette’s most recent movie “Don’t Breathe” in theatres together.

Aside from being a close-knit cast adapting a best selling novel into an attention grabbing mini series, the cast and crew deserve all the buzz received over the past few weeks. This series has made a name for itself as the show that does not disappoint, and the fans seem to agree.