As Fall Approaches, Here are Five Romcoms Worth Watching

Cami Peck, Staff Writer

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As summer begins to feel a little less like summer and a little more like fall, the perfect time for popcorn and movies is just around the corner. But, of all the movies that exist, how does one choose which to watch first? These are the Top 5 Underrated Romantic Comedies to help narrow down those options.

Can’t Buy Me Love

You have either seen or heard of Sixteen Candles and Clueless, but have you ever seen the 80’s classic Can’t Buy Me Love? Long before Patrick Dempsey even thought about adopting the nickname “McDreamy,” he starred as Ronald Miller in Can’t Buy Me Love. This movie is about two high school students, Ronald and Cindy, and their accidental romance. Cindy Mancini, a popular cheerleader and Ronald’s next door neighbor, found herself in quite the predicament after she “borrowed” her mother’s expensive clothes and messed them up on a night out with her friends. Ronald, on the other hand, had been saving up some money for a new telescope he had been eyeing. After he heard of Cindy’s problem, he proposed a solution. He would pay for the stained pantsuit if she agreed to fake date him for a month. Neither of them knew that fake dating would lead to the beginning of an actual relationship between the two.

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days is a movie about two New York natives, Andie Anderson and Ben Berry. Andie writes for an advice column in a magazine and is tasked with writing an article over how a girl could drive away a guy she has been dating in just 10 days. Ben works for an advertising company and in attempts to pitch an idea to his boss, makes a bet that he could make any girl fall in love with him in 10 days. Thus ensues an amusing love story between two people who, although initially were just using each other, eventually develop true feelings for one another.

The Proposal

Any romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds is a must see. Ryan plays Andrew Paxton, personal assistant for Sandra Bullock’s character, Margaret Tate. Margaret discovers she is at the risk of being deported back to her home country of Canada due to violating her work visa. In a desperate attempt to stay in the United States and continue her work at a book publishing company, Margaret devises a plan to marry her assistant, Andrew. Andrew eventually agrees, however this does not come without repercussions. Not only does the U.S. immigration agent assigned to her case become suspicious, but Margaret is also faced with meeting Andrew’s family who are just as suspicious. If the plotline is not convincing, the fact that Betty White is also in this movie should be motivation enough to add it to a personal watchlist.

About Time

The Notebook is not the only romantic movie Rachel McAdams has been in. Along with Domhnall Gleeson, McAdams brings this somewhat whimsical love story to life. Domhnall’s character, Tim Lake, has his world flipped upside down when his father informs him that the men in their family are capable of time travel. Tim finds reason to put his ability of time travel to use when he meets Rachel’s character, Mary. Through the process of traveling back and forth throughout his life, Tim learns many valuable lessons about life, love, and accepting things as they are meant to be. Those who watch this movie will learn various lessons themselves while also finding their hearts warm to the touch.

Love, Rosie

Number one on the list, Love, Rosie is one of the most underrated romantic comedies of all time. Rosie Dunne (Lily Collins) and Alex Stewart (Sam Claflin) are best friends from England. This film follows Rosie and Alex through their long and unbreakable friendship. Although things take an unexpected turn when both parties want their friendship to go further than just that, however the time is seemingly never right. It’s a story with so many ups and downs, it could cause whiplash. Though that is not to say it is not enjoyable. Watch in order to find out whether or not the two simply remain as friends or eventually become more.

With all the romantic comedies out in the world, it is hard to choose just five to put in the most underrated category. However, hopefully this list has helped to make the decision of which to watch next a bit easier. After all, everyone loves a good Romcom.