Nintendo Game Takes App Store by Storm

Catherine Hoffman, Staff Writer

Gamers rejoiced in March when Nintendo released their first-ever smartphone app, a virtual reality game called Miitomo.

Miitomo features the Mii – a digital avatar found in several Nintendo games. The Mii can be customized to reflect what you look like in person or create a completely new identity. The player can choose a background for their Mii and even buy clothes in order to show their personal sense of style.

Miitomo will periodically ask the player questions about him or herself and display the answers on a feed which can be seen by others who follow their Mii. Players can friend one another through Miitomo and like one another’s question responses. Gaining more likes on responses earns the player popularity points. In addition to popularity points, players also are aiming to rack up style points. Buying more clothes builds the player’s style level. Based off of these questionnaire responses, Miitomo assesses the personality of the player as well, which dictates the music that plays in the background of the app and the decorations that adorn the virtual house the Mii lives in. For example, a Mii with a vibrant personality might hear salsa music. Miis can visit the homes of other Miis enabling players to virtually chat with each other though the app.

Coins and game tickets, the currency in Miitomo, are gained by logging into the app each day. There is no real monetary value attached to coins, but they can be used to participate in activities within the Miitomo world such as arcade games. Coins can also be accumulated through in-app purchases.

According to Business Insider, Miitomo has already racked up more than three million downloads since its release.