Niall Horan Moves in a New Direction With His Solo Album Flicker

Malvika Mahendhra, Staff Writer

Five years ago on a fateful day five individuals came together to form the boy band called One Direction and produced music that rose to the top of the charts. When One Direction disbanded, millions of fans mourned and it seemed almost impossible to imagine the boy band members becoming solo acts or even creating music that does not match the happy, uplifting vibe of One Direction. However, the members of One Direction began to define their own musical choices. Zayn Malik came out with edgy, mysterious singles and Harry Styles’ new album was filled with songs of soft rock. This October, Niall Horan joins his former band members in releasing music that is so delightfully different from One Direction.

During the summer of 2017, Niall Horan released his single, “Slow Hands” which quickly rose to be #1 on the Spotify Summer Playlist. Horan’s unique spin on lyrics combined with relaxed instrumentals made the song appealing across a variety of age groups, and became a radio staple. The pop song seemed to suggest to fans what Niall Horan’s upcoming album, “Flicker,” would sound like, but his release of his single, “This Town,” completely changed the assumed dynamic. “Slow Hands” was filled with summer vibes, but “This Town” has a romantic feel and exposed the soft side of Horan. Horan’s experimentation with creating versatile sounds sets the stage for Horan’s upcoming albums as well.

Starting Oct. 20, the modern music industry will be introduced with a new voice. Horan is beginning his tour, and is doing a live concert in the South Side Ballroom at Dallas on Nov. 17, 2017 with Gavin James.