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Dana Sung, staff

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Christmas has come early for Apple lovers – iPhone X is here. With a brand new design, Apple did not fail to surprise us once more. The 5.65 inch x 2.79 inch OLED screen that extends through the entire phone without the bezels gives a whole new revamped image unlike the traditional other traditional iPhones. Let’s take a look of some new features of the new iPhone:

  1. OLED screen: Known for its greater contrast and saturation of color, the OLED screen has been implemented on the new iPhone X. The super retina screen delivers the users with high contrast ratio and high resolution. However, known for its ‘burn in’ effect where a display showing a faint remnant of an image even after a new image appears on the screen after long term use, some show concern of the efficiency.
  2. A11 Bionic Processor: Following the claims that A11 chip is almost 30% faster than processors found in iPhone 7, people are expecting nothing but the most efficient and fastest GPU. This A11 chip isn’t just found in iPhone X. IPhone 8 uses the same bionic processor.
  3. No home button: Straying from the traditional iPhone look, iPhone X has boldly removed the home button. It implements a whole new user experience: A swipe up at the bottom of the screen brings up the Home screen, while a swipe and a hold brings up App Switcher. There’s a Tap to Wake feature for looking at notifications, the side button can be pressed and held to activate Siri, and the Control Center is accessed by swiping downwards from the top status bar.
  4. Facial recognition: Arguably one of the most anticipated new features, Apple uses infrared camera technology to detect the user’s face even in the dark. It prides itself on using the utmost advanced 3D technology that works around the user’s face, not being able to be fooled by 2D pictures. The “attention awareness” of the camera technology, detects when the users are staring into the camera, only unlocking it when the user needs it.
  5. Wireless charging: iPhone X uses Qi wireless standard charging technology to support inductive wireless charging for the first time. However Apple’s new charging pad, “AirPower” will not only charges the phone but also Apple Watches and Airpods, is not going to be released until 2018. This means that users now will have to use third-party wireless charging pods.
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iPhone X