Student Golfer Tees Up

Although many might think of golf as a leisure activity, senior Kaitlyn Fritz thinks otherwise. Not only does she dedicate much of her time to the sport, but she also devotes her energy to practicing and maintaining a group effort during competitions. She must also balance this sport with her studies.

“Time management is such a huge thing,” Fritz said. “Making sure I get my school work done is a priority. One thing that really helps is the fact that I get out of class after fourth period and have senior release fifth period. It gives me time to do homework before golf practice.”

Although Fritz has become accustomed to balancing her studies with her time spent practicing since making the varsity team her freshman year, there are moments when the stress gets to her.

“Sometimes the workload becomes too much, and I have a mental breakdown,” Fritz said. “But after a moment to recollect myself, I feel much better.”

Golf may take up a majority of Fritz’s time, but her dedication has helped to improve her skills.

“There was one summer that she came to me when we were doing tryouts,” coach Rick Hardison said. “She told me she had only taken off one day the entire summer from practicing her play.”

Fritz’s abilities and skills have improved due to the amount of time she devotes to the sport.

“When we first got Kaitlyn, she was pretty much a beginner to golf,” Hardison said. “She was shooting over a 100 at first, and in the four years that we’ve had her she’s drastically improved and is now shooting low to mid 70s every time.”

Though practice may get tiring, having Fritz as a teammate makes a difference for several other players on the team.

“Golf is very fun with her,” senior Joann Chung said. “She always brings my mood up, and she’s been there for me since freshman year, so she’s very supportive.”

Although golf is more of an individual sport, Fritz spends time making sure her teammates are not disgruntled with any struggles they might have.

“She helps mentally during the rounds,” Chung said. “If we’re not playing our best, she’ll say ‘Oh, it’s okay.’ She’s kind of like the mom of the team.”

Joining a new team can be a bit intimidating, but Fritz has a way to solve that.

“She’s very outgoing,” Chung said. “When new teammates come in, she is very open and makes them feel welcome.”

Though she has been described multiple times as kind and welcoming by her teammates, Fritz has many other attributes that make her a strong leader.

“She’s diligent, persistent and constantly working towards excellence,” Hardison said. “She sets goals and works hard for them and achieves them.”

Golf has left an impact on Fritz’s life and has taught her many things besides the technicalities of the sport.

“I have learned the meaning of integrity,” Fritz said. “It has taught me many characteristics that will be useful in life, like hard work and dedication.”