Golf Swings Into the Spotlight

Dana Sung, Staff Writer

Aim, swing, shoot. The sound of the golf clubs hitting the golf balls does not stop. It is tournament season for the girls golf team and they are expecting nothing but the best. But even amidst of competition within each other, the team dynamic between the players seem to be top notch.

“The best thing is that everyone is really supportive about one another,” senior golfer, Ashleigh Lee said. “Even when we are competing against each other for qualifying, everyone is happy for other’s success. It is a friendly competition.”

There are some hardships playing the sports, as the players say.

“Well, golf is a challenging sport and every day is different,” senior golfer, Christy Wendt said. “It really just depends how you are playing that day and it is really hard to improve. This is my third year playing and it is still sometimes challenging and I know I have more room to improve.”

However, they have two coaches to help them throughout the process and the journey.

“We have Coach Hardison and Coach Salinas,” senior golfer, Taylor Neel said. “Coach Hardison has the best sense of humor and he always makes us laugh. He is also very experienced when it comes down to golf. Coach Salinas is always trying to help us and trying to give us tips to improve. He keeps us on track. Both coaches always want nothing but the best for us.”

The girls golf team is composed with 13 players.

“Plano West does not have junior varsity or varsity because the coaches believe in one unified team,” Lee said. “We all practice together. But for tournaments, they split up top five for varsity and top eight for junior varsity tournaments. Even so, it constantly changes because it’s only the top five of the week.”

They are part of the 6-6A alignment and recently had their first tournament.

“The team got first place,” Neel said.

This tournament consisted of not only Plano Independent School District (PISD) schools, but also some neighboring districts.

“There were a lot of schools competing,” Wendt said. “Some were Allen, Plano Senior, Plano East, McKinney Boyd, Frisco, Liberty, John Paul II (JPII), Lovejoy and so on.”

On Oct. 17, they have their next tournament scheduled.

“We are playing Watters-Creek, which is a little more challenging than the last course we competed in,” Lee said. “However, our JV has improved a lot this year. Everyone shoots around 80s to 90s which is a huge improvement. Our girls’ varsity shoots around 70s to 80s, which has always been amazing.”