Student Singer’s Musical Drive and Passion Leaves Performances on a High Note

Shriya Senguttuvan, Staff Writer

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Her hands trembled as she stepped up to the mic. She could feel the adrenaline rushing through her veins. Her first time in front of an audience, she was flustered by the thought of forgetting the words. However, once the music started playing, those thoughts quickly escaped her mind. The trembling stopped and a comfortable energy flowed through her body. Her very first performance at the Wildflower Festival was one she would cherish forever.

Since age seven, junior Isha Chiplonkar has been performing at local venues and events, and slowly started improving her skill to make her passion for singing more than just a hobby. Despite her clear musical ability, Chiplonkar did not always have an eye for the spotlight, due to her shy nature. In spite of her reserved presence, performing slowly started to bring her out of her shell, which soon led to the people around her noticing her talent.

“Isha isn’t one to show off, and she is a little shy, so no one in our choir class really knew how amazing she was,” junior Claire Nagel said. “The second Isha started singing whatever Ariana Grande song she had mastered, everyone’s mouths literally dropped open.”

Chiplonkar’s unique voice took everyone by surprise, even her peers who she had known for a long time.

“That was just the coolest moment,” Nagel said, “seeing everyone realize how incredible she was.”

As soon as Chiplonkar realized music was something she wanted to pursue on a more serious level, she started to spend more time to master her gift, often making sacrifices in the process.

“I’m really happy that she’s gotten so far,” junior Alma Friberg said. “She’s always sacrificing time for singing and piano lessons, instead of going out which really pays off. When I see it pay off with all these opportunities it makes me so happy for her. I feel like a proud mom.”

Isha’s dedication to her craft has allowed her to experience various musical adventures along the way.

“I went to LA to meet people in the industry and see how it worked,” Chiplonkar said. “I met a lot of songwriters. I even met the writer who wrote ‘Disturbia’ for Rihanna.”

Besides traveling to learn more about the industry, Isha has also been given the opportunity to sing at various venues all over town.

“The Crosswalk was my favorite place she performed at because it was really small and you could really focus on her voice and singing without distractions,” Friberg said. “Since the first time I saw her sing, I’ve definitely noticed her progress. She’s become more than just a singer. She’s developed into an all-around performer.”

But for Chiplonkar, no venue could have topped the House of Blues in Dallas, where she performed in a summer showcase with other musicians.

“Everyone in the crowd was excited, and I could feel that,” Chiplonkar said. “We were performing our own songs in a big venue and it was exciting to see the audience enjoy my song even though they did not know the words. It was really cool.” After watching Chiplonkar from performance to performance, the growth she has endured from the start was clearly shown.

“Isha turns into a totally different person when she’s on stage, and once she’s in character, you can’t help but become completely engulfed in her performance,” Nagel said. “Her passion for what she was doing was so evident. I couldn’t help thinking that performing was what she was meant to do. Her talent is something indescribable.”

However, to Chiplonkar, music has become more than just a hobby or even future career. It has turned into a passion that has impacted her life immensely.

“Music isn’t stressful,” Chiplonkar said. “I can do it and I’m not worried. It has just become an important part of my life.”

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