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Senior Falak Fahim

Senior Falak Fahim

Senior Falak Fahim

Gina Quatrino

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On April 18, nine fashion design students participated in the school fashion show titled, “The Art of Fashion.”

“We’ve been developing the concept for the fashion show since November,” senior Breck Sunlin said. “We started the actual construction of the garments in January.”
The fashion show was held in the auditorium, where a white catwalk was laid across the stage for the models to strut down. Each designer created their own collection and had it worn by fellow students. Sunlin was the third designer to have her clothing walk down the runway.

“My collection was called ‘Motel California,’” Sunlin said. “It’s mainly velvet, fake leather and satin, with a rich, dark color scheme. I was inspired by the aesthetic of late summer nights and the music of The Killers.”

Sunlin’s collection was an array of navy blues and sunset reds. Many of the outfits contained leather elements that tied the alternative vibe together. While Sunlin’s garments were inspired by modern music and aesthetics, senior Zac Young claimed his looks were influenced by the past.

“My collection was called ‘War & Peace’,” Young said. “I was inspired by 20th century military jackets, sweaters and pants.”

Young had the largest collection of the night with a total of 24 garments, which made 11 outfits. Each outfit was accompanied by either a large handmade coat or pullover sweater. Young plans on taking the experiences he has gained from this show into his future.

“I’ve gained a lot of experience in garment construction and collection development,” Young said. “These were two things I had wanted to learn about in high school so I would be ahead of my peers in college when I major in fashion design.”

Senior Janelle Hammonds is also taking her training and knowledge from the fashion show into her near future.

“I’m actually going to Los Angeles in October to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), where I’ll be majoring in Visual Communication,” Hammonds said. “I want to end up having a career as a costume designer and stylist for movies and TV productions.”

Unlike the others, Hammonds’ collection was inspired by a color rather than a specific aesthetic. All of her garments were solid black and tailored in various ways to make each one unique.

“My collection was titled ‘LBD etc.’,” Hammonds said. “I created five little black dresses, which is the typical garment associated with the title LBD, and then a romper and a dress with an overlay. It was a lot of fun trying to figure out how to make each garment different than ones already out there.”

Although the fashion show is over, Hammonds believes that the lessons she learned while working towards it will last a lifetime.

“I learned that creating something beautiful takes time, effort and patience,” Hammonds said. “I also learned that trial and error may not be the quickest way to learn, but when you finally do something right, it will stick with you forever.”

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