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There’s a New SCP in Town

Shriya Senguttuvan, Staff Writer

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On April 14, junior Ashan Ranmuthu was elected by the student body as the new Senior Class President (SCP) for the class of 2018.

“Initially it didn’t really sink in,” Ranmuthu said.  “I was really happy I was able to connect with so many people.”

With past experience at hand, Ranmuthu is excited to lead the senior class into the new year.

“In the past I had experience with Student Council (StuCo), ” Ranmuthu said. “In eighth grade I was president and tenth grade I was an officer. It was such a cool experience getting to do so much for the school.”

With the knowledge gained from his other school endeavors, Ranmuthu has big expectations in regards to future school goals and services he has planned for as SCP.

“When I was president of StuCo at Rice, the officers and I carried out the fall canned food drive,” Ranmuthu said. “All those cans went to help Plano’s low income families during the holiday season. It was a nice experience knowing that all our hard work had helped countless families. Part of the reason I wanted to be SCP is so that I can help set up similar philanthropic projects like Mr. West to help our community.”

The role of the SCP is not only to organize events, but to be the voice of the students.

“The big task as the senior class president is that they are actively listening to the student body,”  student council teacher Helmuth Kroog said. “They can come up with different student engagement activities, but their primary role is to support the student body and make sure they’re represented.”

For next year, Ranmuthu plans to involve as many students as possible in school sanctioned events.

“Another one of my goals is to make the pep rallies more interactive and more exciting for the students,” Ranmuthu said.“I know there are a lot of clubs that don’t normally perform, like swing dance club, and I hope next year we have more theatre previews so that students get to see parts of the school they wouldn’t have seen otherwise.”

Ranmuthu also hopes to extend his reach to various other clubs as well.

“I will also try to reach out to other clubs to see if anyone else has anything they want to perform or show to the school so they can get their club heard also by the student body,” Ranmuthu said.“I want to show students that Plano West has all of these cool clubs they might not have known about before, and maybe that will encourage them to join.”

The SCP works closely with the Student Council (StuCo) on organizing events and also helping the school.

“They’re basically another member of StuCo,” junior Gabby Dunn said. “We’re there to help them, like a resource almost. It’ll be a different dynamic but it will be lots of fun and I’m excited.”

Ranmuthu is also looking forward to collaborating with StuCo.

“I’m really excited about that,” Ranmuthu said.“I’m excited to create a family in which we can help the school and help the community and help the environment.”

With his experience and goals for next year already planned, Ranmuthu is ready to lead the senior class for next year.

“He has been an active member at the student council club, and I can tell you he loves to serve,” Kroog said. “He will get his hands dirty. He will be one of the hardest workers. He’s been very active about talking about ways to improve different events. I think he will be very good for the student body.”

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There’s a New SCP in Town