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Plano West Theatre Joins Together to Form ‘Company’

Erik Campos, Kristen Goodrich and Jorgia Fellhaur pose at the Company meeting.

Erik Campos, Kristen Goodrich and Jorgia Fellhaur pose at the Company meeting.

Erik Campos, Kristen Goodrich and Jorgia Fellhaur pose at the Company meeting.

Allison Eisenberg, Staff Writer

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Wednesday, Aug. 30. was the first meeting of the the new theatre club, Company, built to bring West theatre into one group. Almost 50 students were in attendance playing improv games in the auditorium.

“I sparked the idea for it and I said that it would be student driven but I would sponsor it,” theatre teacher Michael Davison said. “Yes, I had the idea but I wanted the students to run it and now they are taking charge.”

This is the first time that Plano West has had a theatre social club in almost 10 years. The new club is part of the new restructuring in the theatre department.

“I knew that there was going to be a lot of people that wouldn’t get into the classes that they wanted to,” Davison said. “So I wanted to somehow bridge all of West theatre so that there would be some sort of way so that everyone could get together still and feel like part of the theatre department.”

The club was invented to hold mostly social events to unify theatre students into one big group.

“The whole goal of Company is to make it so that people aren’t excluded from theatre because the exclusivity is what would kill the fun of it,” vice president of the International Thespian Society, Anthony Gaetjen said. “In the social club, nobody gets excluded.”

The club is planning to see shows together in groups throughout the year.

“We didn’t do enough outside activities last year theatre wise,” Davison said. “The club can do almost anything they want off campus. It’s  self run and I thought that would be a really good idea for this school.”

Students can see shows by themselves; however, many are excited to see them with friends.

“We’re going to see Shepton’s show and Jasper’s show,” senior Mia Quatrino said. “I expect to see a lot of shows with new friends.”

The new club bridges juniors and seniors by having fun, energetic activities that increase comradeship.

“I really loved going to the Company meeting because there was so much energy and new faces that I didn’t get to see last year,” Quatrino said. “The juniors were really fun to hang out with. They were really willing to do theatre stuff.”

Company is a versatile club, meaning that students can take many things away from it but most students just want to have fun.

“The people that are in Musical Theatre or Productions are the people that are getting the theatre aspect out of the club,” Gaetjen said. “However more of the social aspect is in Company.”

Company is one of the newest groups on campus and is something to check out.

“If someone is not sure about joining Company, they should totally join because it’s a very inclusive group,” Quatrino said. “It’s only $10 and we play a lot of theatre games. You want to have a fun time, you should join Company.”

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Plano West Theatre Joins Together to Form ‘Company’