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Red Ribbon Week

Ava O'Reilly, Staff Writer

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Red Ribbon Week was held Oct. 23 to Oct. 27 and was dedicated to making students across the United States aware of the dangerous effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

“The purpose of Red Ribbon Week is to raise awareness and promote a drug-free lifestyle,” Peer Assistance and Leadership member (PAL) Auburn Berry said.

The school worked to enforce a fun yet important message to students not to take a path towards the use of drugs and alcohol.

“Plano West promotes Red Ribbon Week by coordinating fun dress up days to get the whole student body involved and inform everyone of the effects of alcohol and drug abuse through posters, videos and announcements,” Berry said.

A lot of time and effort went into raising awareness.

“This event encourages teamwork and helps students out of dangerous situations to keep everyone in good health,” Student Congress member Lee Rodenbaugh said.

Many clubs decorated parts of the school and tried to get the word out for students to participate throughout the week.

“Decorating the hallways is the main way students and fellow Wolves can get involved with Red Ribbon Week,” Rodenbaugh said. “Dress up days are another fun addition.”

Each day during the week had a different theme that allowed students the opportunity to coordinate an outfit. This year the days were seniors vs juniors, pajama pants day, memes, character day, and Plano West zoo.

“Each dress up day allows a chance for everyone to participate,” Rodenbaugh said. “Whether it’s dressing up as a cowboy, coming to school in a onesie, or even just twinning with a friend.”

Clubs actively promoted students to take part in a movement to stop using drugs and drinking alcohol.

“Personally I think the majority of the students don’t participate unless your school organization is really involved,” Berry said.

West tried to have all students get involved but the whole student body did not dress up.

“Our school does go all out but the kids do not dress up during the week which is very disappointing coming from a junior high that went all out for Red Ribbon week,” PAL Sydney DeWolf said. “We could get the clubs more involved by hosting a contest so then the students might want to dress up during the week.”

Red Ribbon Week allowed for a fun week for students and teachers while also sending out a positive message to students across the United States.

“It’s a good way to promote a drug-free life,” DeWolf said.

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