National Merit Semifinalists

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Congratulations to all the Plano West National Merit Semi-Finalists! This is the 63rd year that National Merit Scholarship Program offers the opportunity for high-school students to compete for over $32 million in scholarships by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT®).

Sadiya A. Abdul, Dishan L. Abeysinghe, Navin L. Ahire, Aditya Arjun, Kevin Z. Bai, Gunjan R. Bhattarai, Andrew T. Chai, Nisha P. Chandra, Christy R. Chang, Thomas B. Cheung, Woo Jin Choi, Eric W. Deng, Ashwin S. Desai, Zoie Fan, Cody Y. Fang, Michael P. Fass, Shelby A. Gammon, Ashley E. Garber, Ritesh Gautam, Eric L. Ge, Thomas P. Gioia, David L. Guo, Richard W. Guo, Kevin J. Hao, Angela S. He, Teddy Hsieh, Andrew Y. Huang, Dylan J. Hylander, Emma F. Ito, Niyenth K. Iyengar, Sharon Jiang, Prakul Kapoor, Saumil H. Khadilkar, Elizabeth K. Khalilian, Jason J. Kim, Emily J. Lam, Cameron P. Leavell, Jordan A. Lee, Sooyong Lee, Andy Li, Kaitlynn Li, Dachey Lin, Ranie Lin, Richard Liu, Christina Lu, Jason Luo, Michael Y. Ma, Jade A. McAdams, Ishaan K. Mehta, Abhinav Nadella, Kaitlyn V. Ng, Benjamin B. Popokh, Nikhil Ramaswamy, Katherine E. Reilly, Soha A. Rizvi, Allen Shufer, Katherine F. Sperry, Lindsay M. Stapleton, David C. Sun, Furkan C. Toprak, Annette J. Tsong, Alanna N. Vu, Brian Wang, Frances W. Wu, Roy L. Xiong, Matey T. Yanakiev, Bill J. Yang, Carlyn J. Yang, Jerry Z. Yang, Anish R. Yellaturu, Angel T. Yi, Austin H. Yuan, Briana J. Zhang, Stephanie Y. Zhang, Daphne S. Zhu, Charissa Y. Zou, Elizabeth Y. Zou

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  1. Charles of Plano on February 1st, 2018 6:35 am

    Many Congrats! WOW, there so many top 1% PSAT students from Plano West SH!!! Probably the school has produced the most numbers of National Merit Semifinalist in TX and in the US. Very impressive.

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National Merit Semifinalists