Following Your Significant Other to College

Catherine Hoffman, Staff Writer

Along with the wet weather and beautiful blossoms of spring comes a feeling of impending doom for many high school couples. As second semester draws to a close and college acceptance letters come rolling in, seniors everywhere are waiting with bated breath to see if their significant other is going to address the elephant in the room– breaking up before college. However, countless couples over the years have decided to forgo this decision by following their significant other to college, a senseless choice driven by emotion instead of rational thought.

Teenagers are characteristically not rational thinkers which is why it is not surprising that so many couples choose to follow each other to college instead of parting ways.

Following a boyfriend or girlfriend to a university for the purpose of staying together will severely hinder your college experience. College is supposed to be a time to branch out and grow into your own person. Trying new things and expanding your horizons is going to be much more difficult while you are still tethered to your high school sweetheart. Having your high school boyfriend or girlfriend on campus is like having a safety net. Making new friends in an unfamiliar place is hard and knowing that you can always crawl back to the safety of a high school relationship will keep you from going all in. While it is nice to have the comfortable security of someone who already knows you, the fact of the matter is the negatives outweigh the positives.

Not only will following someone to college hold you back from making new friends, but it will also create resentment between you and your partner when one person realizes that the university is not where they want to be. Chances are, at least one person overlooked the faults of the college just because they knew that their partner would be going there. After realizing that they do not love the college, it is almost guaranteed that they will become unhappy and bitter toward their boyfriend or girlfriend. Furthermore, when the couple inevitably breaks up, at least one person will be stuck at a college that they do not love.

Many compromises have to be made in relationships but the institution where you will spend four of the most instrumental years of your life should not be one of them. The pitfalls of long distance relationships are numerous and when you add in the fact that teens are innately flaky, it just does not make sense to attempt to follow your significant other to college. We are on the cusp of adulthood. This is the time to become your own person, not cling to high school.