Friday Night Lights


Written by Kori Bennett

It is Friday night and the lights at Clark Stadium are bright and beaming on the varsity football team. West students mingle as the anticipation of kickoff rises. The expectations have been set high. Players worked during the summer trekking through two-a-days preparing for a demanding season against District 8-5A teams.

“I expect the team to advance to the playoffs because they didn’t make it last year,” senior Paulina Farias said. “That would be a great accomplishment of the team.”

Students are patiently waiting, from both junior varsity and varsity teams to rack up successes throughout the next few months. Each week, the Wolf Pack expresses school spirit by wearing West gear and fast talk of the upcoming competition.

“I would hope that they could win most of their games,” junior Andrea Javier said. “We need to make this a good season.”

The players are confident in their talents as a team and they have little doubt that they will not reach the top this season. They practice each day in hopes of bringing home a win.

“I feel like we are off to a slow start but it will pick up as the season goes along,” junior Derdrick White said. “Don’t worry about the first game, we got this. ”

Senior Carson Smith’s leadership and ability to control the huddle are essential in his role as quarterback.

“He is poised in the pocket and makes the best decisions for team and with our amazing line,” junior Jordan Hall said. “He will be standing comfortably doing what he does best.”

Varsity definitely does not have the biggest players, but they do possess an enormous amount of talent. With the combination of linebacker Bryce Cottrell, defensive back Grant Cooper, and wide receiver Carlos Wiggins, West is destine to make a big stride in improvement this year.

“I’m hoping they will step up their game this year, and make the Wolf Pack proud,” junior Devin Dellinger said.

The junior varsity team has also exhibited their talents early in the season. They have a first win of the season to celebrate and then plan to work toward more successes.

The first game of the season had many West students awaiting a win over the Arlington Warriors. Even when they were defeated, the Wolf Pack held their heads high.

“I feel like we’re going to go really far this year, beating teams we didn’t beat last year and just shocking everybody,” Hall said. “We are working on everything to get us better, every aspect of the game.”