America’s Pastime

Alison Tsai

Photo Credit: Chloe Cacic

Fans of baseball, the national sport of America, are no doubt excited for the upcoming baseball season. At West, training has already begun, and the varsity team is gearing up to compete in the Baylor Medical Tournament Feb. 21.

“I’m playing pitcher this season,” junior Kyle Furra said. “I’m looking forward to getting better at that.”

In respect to practice and training for the season, Coach Robert Clark has each team doing workouts based on the fundamentals of baseball.

“We do a lot of conditioning and weight training and do extra training on our own time,” senior Nick Gripp said. “I’m looking forward to winning games and making it to play-offs.”

Another important aspect of playing baseball is unity and teamwork.

“I like how we’re basically like a family,” senior Billy McKinney said. “We work together on everything we do.”

Strong teamwork and a rigorous training schedule are both important factors in achieving success in baseball. 

“I think this year’s chances of being successful are very high,” Clark said. “We are bringing back a lot of returning starters that have played varsity for a number of years.”

Baseball, one of the most popular sports, has a large fan base and game attendance this year will no doubt be high.

“This year’s fans at all of the sporting events have been amazing,” Clark said. “I am looking forward to the fans coming out and supporting the team.”

Coach Clark aims to refine player development at every team level, from junior varsity and the Shepton and Jasper programs to varsity.

“Our expectations as a coaching staff for this year is that our boys work hard every day and come together as a tight-knit team,” Clark said.

Coach Clark’s other expectations include punctuality, appropriate attire, a respectful attitude and being prepared each day.

“The things that I am looking forward to most this year are our home field district games,” Clark said. “Those nights are electric. You never really know what is going to happen on the diamond.”