Have Time for Half Time?

Jake Plotkin

Cartoon by: Catherine Khamnouane

The Super Bowl has been around for 45 years and many football fans look forward to it every year. This annual game started once the merger of football was created in 1970. Nineteen sixty seven was the first year the Super Bowl was held, where the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Every year since, there have been two dominating teams, National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC) champions, vying for the title of National Football Champion. There are many aspects of the Super Bowl that make it a household tradition for Americans to watch.

“My favorite part of the Super Bowl is towards the end of the game, because it can get exciting if the game becomes close, and the postgame,” junior Daniel Martin said.

There is the gambling that takes place where everyone bets to see what the score will be, the halftime show that everyone looks forward to seeing, the Super Bowl commercials and, of course, the actual game. Many people are eager to see who is performing at the halftime show, which takes up about an hour of the night. Singer Beyoncé took the stage midway through the game in New Orleans this year.  

“In my opinion, to have a good halftime show, there needs to be a good singer or else I will just fast forward,” junior Audra Wright said.

Gambling is also a big part that many fans look forward to during the night to make extra money. The object of the gambling is to bet on what the score will be after each quarter and at the end of the game. Money is awarded to the winner, so everyone is trying to pick the right score.  Other people enjoy the Super Bowl commercials. No one knows what makes a commercial exceptional, because there are so many different parts that make it interesting to watch. One of the most popular commercials every year is the Doritos commercials because they are always catchy and entertaining.

“What makes a good Super Bowl commercial are the basic idea and the brand of the commercial because people would rather see a commercial made by Doritos than a brand that no one has ever heard of,” Martin said.

The commercials usually end up being on television for a long period of time because so many people watch them the night of the game that they become instantly popular.

“I think a good commercial needs something that surprises people, for example the Snickers commercial featuring Betty White,” radio/TV teacher Nancy Lewis said.

The majority of people who watch the Super Bowl like to watch the actual game. Many guys who enjoy football will tune in to the game to see their favorite team play or to root for the team they dislike the least. All fans will be on the edge of their seat no matter who is playing because there are bound to be amazing plays throughout the game. Many of these players have worked all season to get to this point and it pays off when their team makes it. The Super Bowl is the prestigious game that football fans look forward to every February to cap off the end of a good football season.

“My prediction for the end of the game was the Baltimore Ravens beating the New San Francisco 49ers because I am a big Falcons fan,” Wright said.