Kicking Off the Soccer Season

Catherine Carroll

With their last two tournaments a clean sweep and a perfect record of 10-0, the Lady Wolves soccer team are well on their way to becoming State champions again.

“We are basically the same team, so we should do well again this year,” senior Caitlin Sheehan said. “But of course nothing is ever certain.”

There are a few key secrets to the success of the Lady Wolves, but there is nothing more potent than the bond of a team.

“We have played together for a long time,” junior Rachel Grout said, “so everyone is used to each other and their playing style.”

With so much hype from last year the Lady Wolves are taking extra precautions to ensure that their win does not go to their heads.

“One of our biggest challenges is our mentality,” Grout said. “We have to be careful to not think that we are better than anyone else when we are facing a new opponent.  We still have to practice and work hard.”

They are focused on practicing a broad set of skills, instead of a narrow and restricted topic.  This ultimately leads to happier players and an overall better game.

“We focus more on soccer and less on running which makes the whole practice more enjoyable,” Sheehan said. “We are also able to better develop our skills and techniques all around.”