March Madness

Jake Plotkin

The best college players from around the nation worked hard all year to prepare for March Madness. March Madness is one of the biggest college basketball tournaments held every year where college basketball teams show off their talent.

“Seeing the Cinderella teams win was my favorite part of March Madness because I like seeing the top ranked teams get knocked off,” junior Jonathan Rosen said.

Many of these players will be playing their final games and they need to do their best for scouts in attendance if they want to continue on to the NBA. March Madness was created in 1939 by the National Association of Basketball Coaches and organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). There are a total of 68 teams participating in the national tournament with teams from big conferences and a team or two from the smaller conferences.

“I enjoyed going somewhere to watch the games because of the environment that I was in,” junior C.J. Winzer said.

It is interesting to see what small teams have proven themselves worthy all year for their chance to shine. March Madness brought out the best of a lot of college fans because they got to root for their team and enjoy a bunch of other games.

“My favorite team to watch during the tournament was University of North Carolina because I like their playing style and how they ran the court,” Winzer said.

Making brackets is one of the prime examples of how people get involved in this event. Many sports websites have places where fans can enter their picks on who will win each game and some even play for money. They can also do them on a handmade bracket. There are people who get really serious and enter more than one bracket.

“I prefer to make my brackets online,” senior Brandon Bronchetti said. “It is a lot easier online to select the team.”

Another important aspect of March Madness is Selection Sunday. This is where they announce which teams made it to the tournament. It is a real honor to see a team that you support being called but a disappointment for the teams who just barely missed the cut.

“Most of the teams that might not make the tournament this year are the teams that have the potential as a whole, but their inconsistences are what will hold them back and if they work on those they will have a better chance of making the tournament next year,” Brochetti said.

A Cinderella team is one of the big names that basketball fans like to see. This term is coined for a team that is usually a lower seed and is considered the underdog. They surprise everyone by beating out the better and higher seeded teams in the tournament.

“I think there will be some Cinderella teams that will be dominant and lose in the Sweet 16,” Winzer said.

One of the more recent Cinderella teams in the tournaments was George Mason University in 2006. They were an 11th seed and were a no-name team that no one expected to win but ended up upsetting a #1 seed (Connecticut) and reached the Final Four for the first time. It is the making of brackets and seeing underdog teams win that make March Madness one of the most exciting college sporting events to watch.

“I think Indiana has the best chance to win it all this year because they have a good front court and Tom Cream is doing a good job of leading his team to victory,” Rosen said.