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Tennis Team Wins 14th District Title

Photo credit: Kelly Wang

Photo credit: Kelly Wang

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The tennis team has dominated high school tennis the last couple of years. They are going for their 14th straight District title and they have a long road ahead of them.

“The main reason for our success in the past couple of years has to be the coaches’ strategy and the all-around good players who are playing at West,” senior Daniel Oxenreiter said.

The seniors on the team are looking to continue the successes from the previous seasons and the new freshmen, sophomores and juniors are ready to help the team get even better. They have played against multiple ranked teams and have yet to lose.

“My expectation for this year is for us to be as strong, if not stronger, than last year because we haven’t lost any of the top six on the girls side,” junior Captain Alahna Reto said.

Coach Morgen Walker also has strong expectations from his teammates each year. He knows that reaching the state title game is hard to do, but he believes in his team.

“My expectations for the team don’t change from year to year,” Walker said. “The bar is set high for a reason, the State title, and each year the team knows how hard they will need to work to achieve it.

Traveling around the area and playing in tournaments gives the team the preparation they need to become State champions. They have a strong bond with each other that helps them play even better.

“My favorite aspect about playing on varsity this year is hanging out with friends after school and becoming closer as a group,” Oxenreiter said.

With the team ready to begin their title run they look for support from Reto, a returning junior who is ready to lead the team to yet another District title.

“I think I can help the team this year by creating a bond with everyone,” Reto said. “I feel that I can encourage everyone to work hard so we can accomplish our common goal – to win State.”

Reto is not the only player who pumps up the team for each game. Before each game the team has a special ritual they do to make sure they are ready and focused to win.

“Before each match I talk about specific things we need to do during the match, then one of the kids delivers a motivational quote, then we have a team yell,” Walker said.

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Tennis Team Wins 14th District Title