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Track and Field Sprints For Success

Leah Martineau, Editor

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Sprinting toward the end of their high school career, seniors on the track team train and build their endurance in hopes of competing at State.

“I think the overall goal for the team is to get better in their events and to improve on what they need to improve on personally,” senior Sharoné Johnson said.

Johnson will be running the 300 hurdles in one of the largest competitions this year, Texas Relay, in Austin on April 1. Texas Relay is where college runners compete and coaches stay and watch the high schoolers compete. It is an opportunity for some of the high school athletes to gain exposure. Although Johnson is signed to run track at Louisiana Tech this fall, she still looks forward to participating in the event with her West teammates.

“I’m nervous to run in college and for Texas Relay,” Johnson said.

Track guys, Sherridan McCray and Falak Fahim, want to qualify for Texas Relay like Johnson. They have their own other season goals; Fahim is determined to clear 6’2’’ in high jump and McCray wants to train to have an opportunity to run in college. Texas Relay is still a goal for a lot of these track athletes.

“My plans are to run track and major in dentistry,” McCray said. “I hope to use what I’ve learned from my high school track career in college.”

Track practices in the morning and the afternoon. The morning practice is for everyone and they mostly build endurance during these practices. The afternoon is for specific individuals training for different events of track.

“In the afternoon our new coach, Courtnie Allen, works with people that want to work on their specialties,” Johnson said. “If you want extra help on block work or other specifics, you can get one-on-one-time with her.”

Lauren Gaggini, as one of the senior captains, has been working extremely hard to help the team adapt to a new coach. On top of her normal responsibilities and goals of going to State, she deals with the challenge to make it a smooth transition.

“This is one of my major responsibilities, but I’ve also tried to help mentor the underclassmen and push for a positive atmosphere at practice,” Gaggini said.

While there is a new girls track coach, Sean Fairchild is back for another year with the boys track team. These coaches have long days with practices early in the morning and late into the afternoon, but the athletes do not take them for granted.

“Coach Fairchild is probably one of the best coaches I’ve had,” Fahim said. “He knows how to push me and always maintains his cool while helping the team grow.”

Although the larger meets are further away from west Plano, there are opportunities to watch these track athletes when they are at Kimbrough Stadium. Track has a large variety of events to participate and watch. Different jumps, sprints and throws give many different athletes the ability to win big for West. State is May 12 through 14 this year.

“Our team has a lot of potential this year because we have a bunch of really talented underclassman,” Gaggini said. “I’m really hoping to be able to help them reach their full potential and be successful in the long run.”


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Track and Field Sprints For Success