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Beach Volleyball Provides Fun In The Summer Sun

Violet Krause, Staff Writer

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The Lady Wolves have just celebrated their sixth annual co-ed beach volleyball tournament held on May 6 at Craig Ranch in McKinney, Texas. Teams consisted of up to six people and required at least two male and two female students.

“For the most part, guys always want to play volleyball,” Coach Brittany Bridge said. “It’s an opportunity for other kids who are done with sports to play sand volleyball and not worry about being injured.”

All volleyball team members from West, Jasper and Shepton were able to invite friends to join their teams.

“It’s a tournament we do every year to raise money for the volleyball program,” senior Allie Hoang said. “You get to interact with everyone and support your Lady Wolves.”

The teams showed up the morning of the tournament around 11 a.m. after giving Coach Brittany Bridge their sign up sheets and fee money. Coach Bridge then gave all teams the run-down of how the day would go. Each team played a certain number of games and after that number was reached, it became bracket play. The final two teams competed against each other for the title of the winner.

“My favorite part is just being able to play with any of my friends,” senior Rachel Vicary said. “Afterwards we can do whatever we want and hang out with our teams.”

The Lady Wolves have had a successful season and brought home many wins. Now seniors who are moving on to play college ball are doing their best to give advice to the incoming seniors and juniors who will be participating in tryouts over the summer.

“The sand tournament is another way to symbolize the start of a new season,” Hoang said. “It’s a fun and relaxing way to meet your possible teammates and get to know each other before tryouts.”

All were encouraged to talk to their fellow volleyball players to see if they were able to snatch a spot in the high demand brackets. All proceeds went to the funding for the following season of the school’s volleyball program.

“It’s a great way to raise money,” Vicary said. “We’re able to raise a lot for future expenses and at the same time, have a fun filled day with our friends.”

Teams for the new season are chosen after a mandatory week long summer camp program hosted by both Lady Wolves coaches, who are able to scout talent and determine who to include on the team for the next school year. A competitive streak is more than necessary when playing against their fellow teammates, and the tournament was another outlet to showcase it.

“Everyone is usually really good,” Hoang said. “It’s always a competitive game. It’s really fun when we get to play against our friends and our teammates at the same time.”

The Lady Wolves hoped to have a large audience eager to help raise money for their program in a fun, healthy yet competitive way.

“We want our friends to have just as much fun,” Vicary said. “It’s an event we look forward to every year and having all of our teammates and friends together makes it more memorable

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Beach Volleyball Provides Fun In The Summer Sun