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Fantasy Football is Back for the Fall

Bryce Jones, Senior Editor

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As the temperature drops and the leaves begin to change, everybody in Texas knows what is on the horizon: football is back. Since the majority of Americans are not strapping on their shoulder pads and getting ready to step on the gridiron, they turn to their laptops and smartphones to get ready for a season of their own. Fantasy football is the season that we have all been waiting anxiously for and it is back.

“Fantasy football just makes the National Football League (NFL) way more fun to watch,” senior Bryson Munroe said. “Also, I’m a pretty competitive person and I’d take any chance to take money from my friends.”

Placing monetary bets within each fantasy football league has become a staple of the sport.

“My league has a lot of cheapskates in it, so we only bet $10 per person,” senior Nick Garcia said. “The winner gets it all, so I should be winning $100 when it’s all said and done.”

However along with a huge payday for the winner, some leagues like to spice it up even more by placing some sort of consequences on whoever comes in last place.

“The person who comes in last place in my league always has to do something undesirable as punishment for being so bad at fantasy football,” Garcia said. “Last year, the kid who lost had to eat a Carolina Reaper, the hottest pepper on earth. That was pretty funny to watch.”

In a sport where one player’s performance can make or break the outcome of that week, drafting the right players is absolutely crucial.

“I think Antonio Brown is hands down the best player in the league,” Munroe said. “If you can get a player like him or Ezekiel Elliott on your team, you have a lot of cushion room with the rest of your roster.”

Although a fantasy starting roster consists of anywhere from six to eight players, quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers are typically the most important positions in fantasy football.

“I think that this year is going to be the year of the running backs,” senior Henry Weinstein said. “Between David Johnson, Le’veon Bell and Ezekiel Elliott, that is the position you need to be paying the most attention to when setting your roster each week.”

Although the uncertainty of fantasy football is part of the reason many love the game, it is important to try to keep the gambling debts low this fall.

“I’ve lost hundreds of dollars through the game, but I’ve also won hundreds of dollars,” Weinstein said. “Fantasy football brings out the best and worst in everybody; that’s why we love it so much.”

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Fantasy Football is Back for the Fall