Wolves Soccer Season Kicks Into Gear

Shriya Senguttuvan, Co-Editor-In-Chief

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After finishing second in district, but suffering a loss that eliminated them in the first round of playoffs last year, the varsity boys soccer team gets ready to take on a new season, hoping to advance further in playoffs.

“We have a lot of potential,” senior and Captain Brett Learmont said. “Since we didn’t lose that many players this year, we have what it takes to go farther.”

However, before they can even take on a playoff game, they need to focus on district first.

“We’re looking to win the district,” Learmont said. “Hopefully we get first place, but if not we’re okay with second since it gets us into the playoffs.”

To get ready for the competition they will face, the team comes up with strategies on how to carefully win against each opponent.

“Our coach gives us reports on the teams we play, telling us what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what to watch out for,” senior Rahul Ramavajjala said. “We take that upon ourselves to create a game plan on how to win against that team specifically.”

The team also prepares for their competition by putting in hours of practice before school.

“Practice creates a competitive environment which is similar to game environments,” Ramavajjala said. “Practice makes permanent, not perfect.”

Through these long hours of practice, senior players make sure to keep their team motivated and focused on the end goal.

“You have to take control of the other players,” Learmont said. “You have to realize it’s more than yourself and what you do impacts the whole team.”

Although these practices can be grueling, the team still finds a way to make the best of it.

“I like making new friendships with people on the team,” senior Nick Garcia said. “The practices are fun because you get to work hard but we also have our laughs.”

With the season just starting, the team lost the first three games, but they are not letting that get in the way of what they want to achieve.

“We just got to keep our heads up,” Learmont said.  “Don’t let the past impact the future.”

However, with these losses, the team can identify what they need to improve on.

“We can always improve our hustle and work ethic for sure,” Garcia said. “At the end of the day, it’s really about giving your best effort.”

The seniors who are the leaders of the team, hope the underclassman on the team can continue their legacy.

“I hope the underclassmen can keep the culture going,” Ramavajjala said. “As seniors we are looked at as the leaders of the team. Our job is to keep a standard everyone is held to. Hopefully this allows the underclassmen to build a stronger and better team over the years.”

The future for varsity soccer looks promising, according to Garcia.

“The underclassmen are some of the most talented kids I’ve ever seen” Garcia said. “They have a really big potential, even if they’re not getting a lot of playing time now.”

With half the team being seniors, this is some of their last chances of accomplishing their end goal.

“This is my last season playing soccer,” Learmont said. “I’ve got to put it all out there and hope for the best.”

Although winning might be their biggest motivation this season, the camaraderie off the field is equally important in developing their team dynamic.

“Since we’re all pretty good friends, we all work well together,” Ramavajjala said. “It all starts with believing in each other and giving each other confidence to get their job done.”


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Wolves Soccer Season Kicks Into Gear