Evolution of El Queso

Catherine Hoffman, Staff Writer

Of all of the off-campus lunch spots, Tex-Mex restaurant El Queso has risen above the rest to capture the hearts and stomachs of Plano West students.

“I first heard about it during sophomore year from a guy at West,” senior Wilson Vick said. “He said it was a blessing from God and by far the best lunch place by West.”

Though the restaurant is in competition with much larger Mexican food chains such as Chipotle and Qdoba, El Queso has them beat in their proximity to school, their speed of delivery and their famous queso.

“The rice is so soft and they put the queso right in the burrito,” senior Neta Tartakovsky said. “Also, the queso is amazing. It’s all just very flavorful and wonderful.”

Though the seniors are enchanted by El Queso (much like the graduating class before them), it does not appear that the juniors feel the same way.

“I don’t think juniors have the same respect and adoration for El Queso that the seniors have,” Vick said. “There were a lot less good lunch spots last year, leaving us with El Queso. Juniors don’t have that problem.”

Junior Emily Southard agrees that her class is less dependent on the restaurant.

“I think the juniors are a lot less attached to El Queso than the seniors, because we haven’t had the time to love it like the seniors have.” Southard said.

But what Southard, Tartakovsky and Vick all agreed on was that El Queso’s prices cannot be beat.

“I think it’s really good and it’s reasonably priced,” Southard said. “I may not eat there all the time, but it’s probably the cheapest place I go to.”

Despite the fact that members of the junior class are not as big fans of El Queso, nobody seems to be concerned that this will be enough to put the restaurant out of business after the class of 2016 leaves.

“I’m not concerned for El Queso,” Tartakovsky said. “Their queso tastes good enough to keep them afloat for eternity.”