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Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

Leah Martineau, Editor

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With seniors about to graduate and move away from family and the comfort of their hometown, learning about health and fitness might be important to these new undergraduates on their own. There are important facts to be aware of when starting to develop knowledge on working out and eating healthy.

The golden rule, whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, is to keep a good diet. Learning how to eat a lean, clean and natural diet is more important than learning how to tone your muscles. In a country of extremely processed and chemically filled food, the hunt for healthy is difficult.

Going back to your elementary diet triangle, different nutrition groups have different values. Also, depending on your activity amount, your portion sizes can change. The basics are carbohydrates. Carbs include pasta, bread and grain. The lesser known types of carbs are simple sugars in syrup, honey and most sugar in foods. The point of doing research on the food you eat is to provide your body with the healthiest options of everything you need.

While having a balanced diet there is room for an easier workout progress. Here is a list of some workouts that might be traditional or completely unconventional.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Cardio is essential to any workout schedule. Therefore, HIIT workouts are a way to spice up the regular treadmill and elliptical cardio. HIIT is a fast paced workout that has bursts of intervals and gives you a variety of movement. These intervals burn more calories in 15 minutes than treadmills burn in 30 minutes. Regardless, cardio is the most beneficial workout because it builds endurance, respiratory flow and circulation. HIIT is just a way to get results in a quick and less boring way.



People either love or loath strength training. Building muscle does not have to be solely for bodybuilding. No matter the age, strengthening your muscles should be a part of your life. It prevents injuries, improves muscle function and increases the amount and duration of work that your body can be performed.



Swimming laps is healthier, easier and more beneficial than treadmills again. While running on the treadmill, your joints are constantly being crushed and can lead to problems in the future. Also, the breathing techniques learned during swimming can improve respiration and build endurance.



Dripping sweat and finding your inner peace are the only reasons yoga should be a part of your workout program. Yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago. This type of exercise helps muscle strength, balance, flexibility and burns calories like crazy. After finishing a session of yoga, your muscles will be burning, sweat will be dripping and inner peace will be restored.



Recent years, Zumba and dance classes have become very popular. This is a way to sweat like Queen Bey herself. Dance moves are cardio with a way to improve coordination, self-confidence and speed. Burn a few more calories in the most entertaining way.



Spin classes are intense and exciting. Do not settle for the bike in the cardio section of the gym, and spend a few bucks on a class that has lights, music and helpful trainers. Spin classes teach you how to get the most benefits from the bikes and burn the most calories while strengthening lower body muscles.



These are the most intense workouts available. There are circuits full of strength, cardio and full body weight activities. Crossfit is a workout that can hit just about every muscle in your body, and will burn calories by the hundreds. If you are brave enough to try it, crossfit will help you reach any body improvement goal.


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Choose a Healthy Lifestyle