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College Choices Made Easy

Fatima Bhaiwala, Senior Editor

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As the school year slowly comes closer to an end, many seniors are hearing back from the school that they applied to in the fall. This can be a very daunting and confusing time for many students. Choosing the right college does not seem so easy and is not a light decision. What you choose can be where you possibly end up for the next four years of your life. To help you steer in the right direction here are some key factors you should look for in your future college.

  1. Programs

Many colleges have special programs and opportunities offered for specific majors. It is important to research the opportunities that you can come across at the college you choose. Look at what programs they offer such as studying abroad and internships.

  1. Total Cost

If money concerns you, the total overall cost should be played in the equation. Colleges obviously vary in price, which is why it is important to understand if the investment will pay off. It is important to see which school will offer you money and to research how you can receive scholarships. There are many tools out there such as Scholly, Scholarship Owl, Big Future through College Board and even on Naviance for scholarship opportunities.

  1. Location

The location of the college is something else that should factored into the equation. Depending on if you want to stay in or out of state, the price fluctuates accordingly.  While it may seem unimportant, weather and the city should not be deciding factors. The importance vested in the location includes whether you’re acclimated to the rain or snow but is even more so focused on the opportunities offered by the area. For many students they will be at this college for about four years, so it is important to be adjusted to the climate there and what the city is like.

Essentially, going to college will potentially lead to your future career. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you arise not only with a degree of higher education under your belt, but also with minimal debt and a multitude of connections to help you advance in your field. The decision making process can seem really overwhelming. Making a pros and cons list and talking to people who have been to the college are all beneficial ways to compare schools. Though in the end, it is important to remember this is your decision, and to choose a place where you know you will prosper the most in.

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College Choices Made Easy