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Shriya Senguttuvan, Staff Writer

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With millions of book options in the world, it can be difficult to decide what to read next. Who better than a teacher to suggest some of their all time favorite reads? Here are some must read book recommendations from the English and American Studies (AMSTUD) teachers.

  1. “The Leftovers” by Tom Perrotta

“It’s good because it’s post-apocalyptic, like after the Rapture. It’s interesting because it deals with cults and stuff, and I really like those stories. Home Box Office (HBO) also has a series based off of this book, so it’s pretty good.”-Mrs. Hodum, AMSTUD

  1. “Dog On It” by Spencer Quinn

“It’s about a dog that belongs to a private investigator. The dog flunked out of canine school and the dog tells the whole entire story. It is hilarious and it is a quick read, so it’s kind of like brain candy.” -Mrs. Elliott, AP English Literature

  1. “Side Effects May Vary” by Julie Murphy

“It’s about a girl who finds out she has Leukemia and basically is going to die. You would think it’s a “Fault in Our Stars” kind of deal, so sad, but no. The girl is awful and basically makes a teenage bucket list of things to do to all the people who wronged her. It’s just kind of funny because the year where she dies is the year she starts to live.”-Mrs. Gomez, AP English Literature

  1. “Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock” by Matthew Quick

“It’s a book about a boy who seems very angsty and like he’s out to take on the world. As the book unravels, you start to become more sympathetic towards him and realize he has a deeper purpose than just a teenager acting out. If you liked Catcher in the Rye, then you will like this one.”-Mrs. Collett, AP English Language


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