Exam Week Prep

Johanna Svensson, Staff Writer


  • Gather all of your materials from prior units: It is important to keep the worksheets and tests you have completed throughout the year so that when exam week comes around you are able to study. Looking back on these assignments will show you different areas of each subject you struggled with and where you should direct your focus.
  • Do the study guide: Teachers often create study guides for the semester exam. These are made to help you focus on various aspects and concepts that were taught during the course. Normally, if something is mentioned in the study guide, it will be referenced on the test.
  • Sleep: An important way to prepare is to sleep. If you are not rested, you are more likely to do worse on the exam. Studying is very important to prepare for the exams, but with an exhausted mind, you are less likely to retain the information.
  • Start early: Rather than waiting until the night before to begin studying, start early. Teachers often hand out review packets and study guides in the week leading up to exams to encourage students to begin studying.
  • Focus on the classes that you are struggling in, not the ones you understand: It is easier to study for the classes you understand, but it is more important to focus on the ones you struggle with. While taking the exam, if you had spent time studying for the more difficult subject, you are less likely to run into a term you do not know, or a problem you can not solve. It will be difficult, but it will help in the long run.
  • Go to tutoring: Throughout the week of exams, teachers hold extra tutorial sessions to prepare for the exam. This is a great time to go ask questions or listen to teachers explain.


Take breaks while studying: Spending hours studying may seem like the best way to prepare for the exam, but it is important to take breaks. Eat, listen to music, take a nap, or talk to another student or family member. Taking breaks allows your brain to relax and will help you focus when you return to your studying.