Gift Ideas 2017

Ava O'Reilly, Staff Writer

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It is that time of year again when Christmas trees are being lit, the weather is getting a little colder and holiday shopping is beginning. What should you get each person on your shopping list? Here are some of the top picks for this holiday season.


  1. Girls: Gifts are pretty easy to sort out when it comes down to what girls like. Typical and easy gift ideas include: Makeup, candles, bath bombs, scented lotions, jewelry (any kind will work), perfume, fuzzy socks, throw blankets, purses, shoes, jackets, hair straightener/curler, scarves, coffee mug, coffee maker, journal, polaroid and flowers.
  2. Guys: Figuring out exactly what guys like can be tricky sometimes, but once you stop trying to be technical, gifts are easy to spot. Presents vary from man to man, but simple ones include: T-shirts, cologne, massage equipment, wallet, hunting/camping gear, barbeque grilling set, watch, sports game tickets, fidget stress cube, personal home assistant (Amazon Echo, Google Home), Playstation or any gaming equipment, video games, tie or a drone.
  3. Anyone on your list: Many gifts can work for anyone you need to shop for including: Concert tickets, books, pajama set, money, gift cards, headphones, movies, baseball hat, sunglasses, suitcase or duffle bag, board games, turntable record player, kitchen appliances, portable charger, speaker and chocolates.
  4. Do it yourself gifts: Personalized gifts show that you truly know and care about the other person which opens up countless options like: Hot cocoa kit, picture collage, homemade cookies, ornament, wall quote decoration, reasons I love you book, or gift basket filled with the receivers favorite things.
  5. Cards: Always remember to get a cute, funny or sentimental card or even make one yourself. Words mean so much to people and are such a staple when trying to finish off the perfect present. All there is left to do is put a bow on your gift, wrap it or tuck it into a holiday themed bag and watch people be overjoyed by what they receive.