New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

Ava O'Reilly, Staff Writer

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Every year on New Year’s Eve people all over the world come up with resolutions to improve their lives in the upcoming year. Most resolutions last for a few weeks and then die off into “I’ll try again next year.” Sometimes people just do not pick the right ones. Here is a list of simple resolutions that anyone can achieve during 2018.


  1. Enjoy the little things
  2. Be more grateful
  3. Create a positive mindset
  4. Volunteer more
  5. Go somewhere you have always wanted to go
  6. Start a journal
  7. Take more chances
  8. Sleep more and worry less
  9. Spend more time with people you care about
  10. Learn to cook
  11. Arrive early instead of late
  12. Give back
  13. Get off your phone
  14. Read more books
  15. Give a compliment to someone everyday
  16. Follow your own dreams and make them actually happen
  17. Do random acts of kindness
  18. Learn to be more organized
  19. Save more money
  20. Become organized and stress less
  21. Be more confident