Everything You Need to Know About the Impeachment Inquiry

Shreya Mapadath, Staff Writer

October 21, 2019

The past few months have been a political hailstorm, beginning with a whistleblower complaint against incumbent President Trump and quickly escalating to an impeachment inquiry. New developments surface by the day, but here is a brief timeline of the events that have transpired thus far.    Aug. 1...

Spider-Man Leaves the MCU Causing a Stir

Elizabeth Secor, Staff Writer

August 27, 2019

The internet is buzzing with the news that Spider-Man is swinging away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Avengers Endgame painted the picture of Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man being the next heads of the Marvel phase era. Spider-Man Far From Home left us with the idea that Spider-...

Rejecting the False Dichotomy Surrounding Social Media

Shreya Mapadath, Staff Writer

August 27, 2019

Stories of morning routines that begin not with the sound of an alarm, but with the artificial light of a phone screen and scrolling through notifications are often the beginning of arguments about how social media has irreversibly transformed our culture for the worse. People view it as a major contr...

OPINION: The Relevancy of Standardized Testing is Declining

Talia Dave, Staff Writer

May 17, 2019

Through high school, students stress and worry over numbers and grades that will mean next to nothing in the years to come. With Advanced Placement exams, ACTs and SATs, students worry too much and complicate their lives to prove that they are worthy of college because of numbers. Standardized testing...

OPINION: Problems With Declaring a National Emergency

The border fence that separates a part of the United States and Mexico.

Avery Klatsky, Senior Editor

March 27, 2019

The Southern border has a bevy of problems, but declaring a National Emergency is not the way to fix them.

OPINION: Today’s Technology is Reducing Printed News

Juliette Uncovsky, Associate Editor

March 1, 2019

There was a time before the technological and internet age where a typical person would wake up in the mornings, walk outside to find the newspaper settled on the front lawn and read the latest news from all around the world with a steaming cup of coffee. The newspaper, a prominent tool back in the day,...

OPINION: The Media Should do a Better Job When Reporting on Tragedies

Malvika Mahendhra, Editor-in-Chief

March 1, 2019

April 20, 1997. Sept. 11, 2001. Dec. 14, 2012. Feb. 14, 2018. These are only a few of the dates where the world stood in horror as they watched tragedy unfold on television in front of them. In the past decade, media coverage has risen with access to new technology, allowing the entire world to attain info...

Importance of Planning

Talia Dave, Staff Writer

February 28, 2019

All across the country, multiple Planned Parenthood’s have been shut down and defunded due to pro-life activists in the government and extremists- but this should not be happening and here is why: Planned Parenthood clinics provide advice, contraceptives and family planning to low income families and ...

OPINION: Big Corporations Need a Green Change

Malvika Mahendhra, Editor-in-Chief

February 21, 2019

Climate change. Pollution. Water crisis. These are the environmental problems of the modern age that are causing effects that might be beyond repair. While local movements and the government are taking action to fix our environment like hosting clean-ups and banning plastic bags, significant action regarding...

OPINION: Tell your Kids the truth about Santa

Isabelle Yuen, Staff Writer

January 18, 2019

“Santa is not real.” The phrase that breaks the whimsical hearts of children. A traumatic moment they will always remember for the rest of their lives, the moment they stopped believing in Santa Claus.  Hopes and dreams are shattered with just those four words. But all of this can be avoided if p...

OPINION: Keep the Myth of Santa Claus Alive

Talia Dave, Staff Writer

January 18, 2019

For many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Kids look forward to presents, stockings and leaving those crumbly cookies and milk for Santa. If Buddy the Elf believes in Old Kris Kringle, little kids should too. Parents should let their kids believe in Santa and keep the joy of believing a...

OPINION: Free Markets Would Make Healthcare More Affordable

Avery Klatsky, Senior Editor

December 17, 2018

Although the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was created in 2010, privatizing the healthcare system can result in safer, cheaper, and better care for American consumers.